Shia Ali Engraved Car Hanging Pendant with blue beads

Shia Ali Engraved Car Hanging Pendant with blue beads

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Ali Engraved Blue Beads Car Rear View Mirror Stainless Steel Car Pendant Hanging

  • Beautiful decorative Islamic car rearview mirror pendants for Muslims.
  • Material-Abstract and creative decorations are made of eco-friendly high-quality materials. No odor, non-toxic and harmless. Has a smooth surface and durability. Long-term use will not change the color.
  • It is suitable for hanging on the rearview mirror of a car or truck or hanging on a door, window, or furniture for house decoration.
  • High-quality products. Muslim gifts for Ramadan, Eid, birthday or other good days.
  • He ruled as the fourth Rightly Guided caliph from 656 until his assassination in 661. He is one of the central figures in Shia Islam and is regarded as the rightful immediate successor to Muhammad (saw)and the first Imam by all branches of Shia Muslims.

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